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PFE internship


Design and implement an upcycling denim collection **Department: Design Office **Requested Specialty: Product Design Apparel Design Graphic Design Industrial Product Design **Knowledge: ADOBE CC **Tasks:… Lire la suite »Design

Design & Marketing

Création de la gamme KONTAKT @HOME **Department: Bureau Marketing **Requested Specialty: Designer Produit Graphique designer **Knowledge: AI – PSD **Tasks: **Supervisor: Graphic Designe


Develop a digital marketing strategy adapted to the Kontakt brand, highlighting the Tunisian and eco-responsible identity of Kontakt. **Department: Marketing Office **Requested Specialty: Digital Marketing… Lire la suite »Marketing

Web & Marketing

Development of a chatbot for the Kontakt website and social media. **Department: Marketing Office **Requested Specialty: **Knowledge: **Tasks: **Supervisor: